Tsukiji Market - Tokyo - Japan

This blog entry is a bit older already but I would like to share this with you. On our last trip to Japan we took the chance to visit the Tsukiji fish market and the Tuna auction.

Japan consumes about ¼ of the worlds tuna. At the Tsukiji market the vendors are betting for the best and higest quality Tuna. Needless to say this is not farmed fish but cought in the open and the price for one Tuna can get easily up to US$ 10.000,-

The Great Kantō earthquake on September 1, 1923, devastated much of central Tokyo, including the Nihonbashi fish market. In the aftermath of the earthquake, the market was relocated to the Tsukiji district where it is still today. There are talks to move the Tsukiji market to the outskirts of Tokyo so this was one of the last chances to see the tuna auction at its original place.

This is not a traditional tourist attraction but a working market that usually starts at 3am. Therefor just a limited number of spectators are allowed to view the auction. A total of 120 visitors in 2 groups are allowed in per day. We had to start queing up at 2:30am to see about 20 minutes of the auction at 6am. It was certainly worth it...

vendors checking out the tuna before the auction   

vendors checking out the tuna before the auction