Cross Fit in Bangkok

As it goes with traveling - you don't always have the time to edit and work the images in the right order. However I finally finished the last photo shoot from Bangkok and would like to share some of it with you here on my blog. On my travels and exploration around Bangkok I noticed a roof top cross fit gym just off the Asok BTS station and thought that it would be a great location to shoot there. I contacted the owner and just before we left for South America we managed to shoot 2 days on the roof top. 

People who know me also know that I am more of the outdoor sports person and just see the inside of a gym when nothing else is at hand. I have to admit though that this kind of work out really got me inspired to go to the gym. Last not least because of Dan who runs this place. His enthusiasm and knowledge about fitness and nutrition is endless and they (the personal trainers) do push you to your limits. The results speak for themselves. If you live in Bangkok and the good Thai food is start to show on your waist line - try them - it's worth it. Their website: